About me ... 

My name is Pablo Buydid and I work in various activities related to computers. I'm a teacher in high schools and private institutes, web designer and recently I have extended my work through Info-Bytes to offer optimization, auditing and integration of Web services. You can find more information on my LinkedIn profile. 

pic2009_2.jpgI live in Piriápolis, Uruguay since my teens. A place I love and where I was attracted to many of the things I like to do until today. Walking near the sea, write, take pictures and contemplate the nature. My life is relatively calm, although to be honest, I have my nerves inside. 

But I was born in Sarandi Grande, a small town in the department of Florida. I have lived in Paso de los Toros and Florida as well. In vacations I used to came to this city, which in the end caught my family, and here I am with my own family established, with my current activities, and breathing sea air.

My interests.

I have a passion for computers, and design is one of my favorite areas. I think I'm not a great graphic designer, but I love design, and take care to make designs for my sites as much as I can. Some business even hired me to make designs for prints. 

I love my job about teaching. For years I applied to this activity, but since 5 years I've been working as secondary school teacher in a private institute of Piriápolis: Galileo Galilei. The center also charge me for maintaining the computer lab and study site.

Things I love. 

I love writing, I delight in music (many genres), drinking mate, the sea. I believe live in the right place for me. Everything fits, everything is harmonized, and the places I've lived, I loved this.

 On the following pages I will tell you more about my activities, and will send links to sites that may be of interest.